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Measuring roller shutters - step by step

Exterior roller shutters keep the heat out even before it gets inside the room. Installing roller shutters also saves energy that would otherwise have been used for fans or air conditioning for cooling.

The best results are achieved by external roller shutters made of aluminium profiles, which can even reduce the indoor temperature by several degrees Celsius during the greatest heat wave.

Perfect proof of the protective function of roller shutters against excessive solar radiation is their wide use in southern Europe, where this type of sun protection device is very popular. External roller shutters excellently darken the room and provide pleasantly cool temperatures indoors, which is especially important in summer in bedrooms and TV rooms. Only slightly lowered shutters provide semi-darkness, allowing for respite from the sun and greater comfort when moving around the home. Roller shutters provide protection from the sun's UV rays, which are harmful not only to people but also to your home furnishings, as they cause yellowing of upholstery and furniture varnish and fading of paint and wallpaper.

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