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Replace window handle " in 3 simple steps

It doesn't matter if you simply don't like the old window handle anymore because of its appearance or if the handle is perhaps damaged or if you want to install a lockable window handle. The change is not particularly difficult and you need only a few minutes. Here we show you in three steps how to change the window handle.

Step no. 1

First you have to turn the handle into the horizontal position to get to the screws. Then you can simply twist the cover that sits over the screws.

Step no. 2

Unscrew the two screws and pull the handle off. As easy as it sounds to unscrew two screws, it can happen that these screws are very tight.

Step no. 3

The new window handle must first be turned to the same position that the old one was in when it was removed. Then slide the square into the window frame and screw it back on. If you like, you can even reuse the old screws.

Here you come to our window handles.

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