Wie wechselt man einen Gurtwickler? | fenster-bayram

How do you change a belt winder?

Changing the roller shutter belt reel is quickly done with the necessary know-how. As soon as you have read the following instructions, you will be able to replace your defective belt winder.

The belt winder is limited to two basic variants. One is the maxi belt winder for belt widths 20-24mm and the mini belt winder for belt widths 12-14mm. It does not matter whether it is at the window or at the patio door the procedures are the same.

By the way, I'll show you the instructions right after this. One of two belt winders will fit you. In addition, a safety note for mounting: For reasons of quality and safe installation, I deliberately recommend belt winders from Selve. On the one hand because the brand manufacturer is very familiar with belt winders, and on the other hand because it produces really safe belt winders. To be more precise, belt winders from Selve are already pre-tensioned and also have a built-in safety device. This prevents both installation errors and possible injuries.

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