Wie repariert man eine Siegenia Getriebe?

How to repair a Siegenia gearbox?

Unfortunately, it often happens that the Siegenia gear often breaks down. Therefore, we would like to explain to you how to replace them easiest.

The instructions

Step 1 > Remove the handle

First of all you have to check if the gearbox is the defective part. The window handles are usually only screwed on, the screws are hidden under a plastic cap. You can simply lift the flap with your fingernail or a screwdriver and turn it to the side. Loosen the screws and pull out the handle together with the square bolt.

Step 2 > Check the gearbox lock

If the gearbox is gone, most of the time you will find a loose part of the gear where the square bolt of the handle was. This should be all tight - if you can move something, it can go.

Step 3 > Find the right lock

On the linkage of the gearbox, you will find somewhere a designation of the manufacturer and with this you go then on the search. We have all gearbox brands in stock, I link it below. The locks consist of two halves, which are normally riveted. With our gearboxes you can easily screw them back together.

Step 4 > Disassemble the gearbox

Now unscrew the bar of the window - for a balcony door that's about ten screws. At the top and bottom there are probably small metal plates, a few centimetres long, which secure the ends of the rod; where the racks interlock. You'll need to loosen these too and then slide them up/down - you don't usually need to remove them completely. The lock itself will still be fairly tight in the frame. Just push a little with your finger through the hole of the unscrewed window handle, then you can remove the whole bar including the lock.

Now there might be a little special feature: In front of the lock, where the bolt comes out in normal room doors, there might be a small movable metal box like the one below in the picture. This is just a safety device: If you press on it, you can move the window handle, if not. This ensures that the lever can only be moved when the window is pressed into the frame. This in turn prevents an accidental tilt position. The box is optional, you can remove it by force if necessary - but don't bend the linkage!

Also the lock itself should sit pretty tight on the rod - as I said, the things are riveted. Only brute force will help here. You can drill out the rivets or just lever them a bit with a thick screwdriver. Here it was even enough to tug and twist with a pair of pliers ... But again: Don't bend the rods!

Step 5 > Mount the lock

Now the new lock is mounted on the rod. Important: The pins must remain in the middle position, just as they were removed when the window was open (if the window cannot be tilted open, there is of course only top and bottom, no middle).

First put the half with the half gear on the rod, so that it snaps in. Important: You can see a small pin on the picture above, on which the half gear is put. If you ask yourself: How does it turn then? It doesn't! This is a safety catch that breaks off the first time you use it. This ensures that you install the lock correctly in the middle position (window open). Then screw the second side tight.

Step 6 > Test the lock

Now you can put the handle and the square bolt into the lock and you should be able to turn it to the normal handle positions top, bottom and middle.

Step 7 > Assemble the gearbox

Assembly basically means: Screw the metal linkage back on, screw the handle on, done. But: You really have to make sure that the racks are clean and in the right place. And before you test, at least tighten the screws of the metal plates to secure the top and bottom, as well as a few screws of the metal rack itself - especially directly in front of the metal plates. Otherwise, a rack could break and earn you an anecdote ...

Anecdote: During disassembly, the lowest pinion apparently came loose somewhere. Unfortunately, all parts could be mounted nevertheless cleanly - unfortunately, because as soon as the olle door was once closed, it did not want to open below any more. The pin was locked in the frame and the handle blocked. And gone was the access to the balcony ... So off through's bedroom window and tried from the outside, but did not work either. In the end I did it like the burglars do: I pried it open with a screwdriver - takes three seconds and only makes small scratches.

Just to say: Pay attention to the position of the pinbolts, tighten the screws properly and test the complete function of handle and lock before you really test them in the frame. If you mount such a safety box back from above, you have to press it with your finger.

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