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Wie repariert man eine Siegenia Getriebe?

How to repair a Siegenia gearbox?

Unfortunately, it often happens that the Siegenia gear often breaks down. Therefore, we would like to explain to you how to replace them easiest. The instructions Step 1 > Remove the handle First of all you have to check if...

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Fenstergriff austauschen » in 3 einfachen Schritten | fenster-bayram

Replace window handle " in 3 simple steps

It doesn't matter if you simply don't like the old window handle anymore because of its appearance or if the handle is perhaps damaged or if you want to install a lockable window handle. The change is not particularly difficult...

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Rollladen ausmessen – Schritt für Schritt | fenster-bayram

Measuring roller shutters - step by step

Exterior roller shutters keep the heat out even before it gets inside the room. Installing roller shutters also saves energy that would otherwise have been used for fans or air conditioning for cooling. The best results are achieved by external...

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Fenster einstellen - Die Anleitung | fenster-bayram

Adjusting windows - The guide

The window is stuck and no longer closes properly? This is often a question of adjustment - and you can adjust a window yourself! Windows have four important tasks to fulfil: They should be easy to open and close, insulate...

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Wie wechselt man einen Gurtwickler? | fenster-bayram

How do you change a belt winder?

Changing the roller shutter belt reel is quickly done with the necessary know-how. As soon as you have read the following instructions, you will be able to replace your defective belt winder. The belt winder is limited to two basic...

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